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How Therapy Works

Harm Reduction

Many problems stem from conflicts that are not conscious. For instance, if a child is repeatedly scolded for taking the cookies out of the cookie jar, that child may repress the wish to have a cookie and eventually behave as if he or she does not want any cookies. In adult life this could lead to a denial of needs in relationships. Repressed conflicts can lead to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, and difficulties in completing personal and career goals. Often people will note that they are aware of their problems, but their behavior doesn't change. This is often due to intellectual insight rather than emotional awareness. People with substance use problems often take drugs or alcohol to cope with intolerable feelings, to cope with the absence of feelings, or to manage feelings of inadequacy. The ability to tolerate, manage, and integrate difficult feelings can free the soul -the authentic self- of the person.

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How Therapy Works
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1 in 4 American children are exposed to family alcoholism.